About Rock It Entertainment

 We Bring The Best of Both Worlds


Because "predictable" and "same old" should never be invited to the party. 

Out with the old. And in with the new.  

When it comes to wedding Entertainment, we say:

You can feel free to enjoy your day alongside your friends and family, fully trusting your party is in good hands.

Our team consists of skilled and knowledgeable professionals, and while we understand how to create the high-energy vibe you and your guests want, we also know the importance of stellar service, respect, and attention to detail.


We Hold High Standards

And actively caters to each couple's individual tastes and request. 

"Andrew holds himself to a different standard in the business."

We mix things up and customize your experience. And we consistently assess the energy and the crowd—making smart, impromptu decisions focused on keeping the party -and your vision -alive.

If we had to guess, you predict some Jackson 5, followed by Aretha Franklin, and a little Stevie Wonder. And you anticipate the exact same entertainment timeline as every wedding you've ever been to, yes? 

Fortunately, that's not how we do things.

Unlike other companies, we don't just take down a list of your top ten favorites. And we definitely don't just play the music we want to play. Instead, our approach is intentional, strategic, and thoroughly tailored to you and your day.

A fresh Approach

We Set The Tone

They had a perfect balance of dance music for the different generations that never once felt like they were forcing the "expected reception" songs on the guests.

"They knew how to read the room and were genuinely invested in making the night fun for us and our guests."

You can feel confident in our passion and knowledge for what we do. But you can also know without a doubt that you've gained a group of friends ready and excited to show you and your guests one heck of a good time.

As we get ready for your day, we'll get to know you and what kind of music you like {or don't}. And we'll provide consistent communication and a positive vibe.

Come wedding day, we’ll come early and prepared. And everyone from our musicians and DJs to our sound techs and assistants will know their specific role for your day. 


We Come Prepared

From the first time we met them to post wedding, they were easy to talk to and get a hold of. The communication was great and they always brought positive vibes. The guests loved how enthused they were. And they made sure everyone was having fun!

"They were ready to bring a good time."

Schedule your private showcase 
& experience the party for yourself. 

And that passion comes through every time we perform!

We Love What We Do

Professional, courteous and unbelievably knowledgeable about what they do. Andrew, Jason and crew made us feel like family.

"On top of "bringing the party" they are probably the nicest people I've ever dealt with."

A look Backstage

Meet the Team

Mix Master DJ / Social Media Director

Jason Goldstein

MC / DJ / Event Director / Filmmaker

Lyle (L-Bo) Boden


Andrew Bor

Mix Master DJ / Sax Player

Jacob Bloom

MC / Hype Man

Peace Moore


Isaac Gold

Sax Player

Ron Bass


Dennis James

Sax Player

Mike Labombard

Though you would expect that of an entertainment company, they were the only ones we met with who we really vibed with!

"Every single member of the team is upbeat, outgoing, and ready to have fun."